Since venturing out into the big world to tackle this thing called “adulthood” I’ve come to realize that there are tons of little, not-so-fun things that come along with all of the very-fun things of being an adult.

For example – last week, as I prepared to embark on my first solo road trip out of Dallas, it just so happened that my little Mazda 3 decided it wanted – no, NEEDED new tires, a new headlight and tons of other very important things (or so the Mazda dealership service people tell me) in order for it to continue running headache free. I know nothing about cars and so am highly gullible in situations such as these – when I find myself sitting in the waiting room at the dealership, so willing & ready to hand over my credit card when I hear anything about transmission flushes, new brake pads, battery reboot (I think I made that one up), etc. I’m sure I scream “I’m a female. Please take advantage of the fact that I know nothing of the difference between the different types of gas or how to change a tire.”

But really, I knew the time had come. My little Mazda 3 has been so good to me since I purchased it, I couldn’t complain. As such, I decided it was time for new tires.

Never before have I had to deal with buying new tires. Again, my knowledge of tread life, tire size and air pressure is essentially non-existent. But as a dedicated consumer with the power of the internet at my finger tips, I did as my dad taught me to do before all major purchases: research. Fortunately for me I work with guys who are OBSESSED with cars (we talk about cars over lunch on an almost daily basis. I usually sit there quietly eating my sandwich, occasionally picking up when they start getting excited about the new G37 or 35. Whatever.) So I tapped into them for a few days straight to get their opinions on tires.

But, when it really comes down to it, I’m an impulse buyer. It’s a flaw I have. So after narrowing down my tire search to 2 top contenders I decided to stop by Discount Tire after work last week. My intention was to go in and get more details about the tires. I walked in, talked to 1 guy and he told me about a rebate.  3 hours, $700 and some dollars and one exasperated phone call to the boy later, I was driving away with 4 brand new tires.

It still makes me sick to think about the total amount I spent on TIRES. They’re just RUBBER. I hate thinking of the other ways I could have spent that money because I just get depressed. Instead of paying off a chic new Marc Jacobs purse for the next few months, I’ll be paying off tires. This is part of being an adult and owning adult things. Like cars.

And let me tell you this – as much as it pains me to admit it, if your car needs new tires, they are worth the splurge. Since my latest major purchase I feel like I’ve been driving a new car around town. Who knew tires made such a difference. Certainly not me.