My sister is considering going vegetarian – for multiple reasons, health being one of them. Between the 2 of us we’re constantly sending each other recipes we find for kale, mushrooms and squash from different blogs. It was her birthday a few weeks ago and since it’s her first year living in an apartment I decided it was time to start her cookbook collection. I did some research online and asked my Twitter friends for any veggie cookbook recommendations. I settled on this one:

It caught my eye when I was browsing the veggie section at Barnes & Noble the other night. A section I’m not too familiar with. I’m not a HUGE meat eater, but I do love the occasional steak. However I will never make a steak for myself – it’s usually something I have my parents make when I make the trip home.

I’m surprisingly and pleasantly impressed with this cookbook. The recipes look super easy and delicious, sans the meat. Instead she uses a lot of tempeh? Not sure if that’s something along the lines of tofu or not (which I CANNOT bring myself to eat. Blech.). But, I’m tempted to get myself a copy. After all, I have turned on to roasted kale and brussel sprouts. Maybe tempeh is something new I could add to my diet?

T– I hope you don’t read this before you open it on Thursday…