I found this recipe to make raspberry thumb prints last week while digging through never ending Christmas cookie recipes. This one stuck out for me – I love raspberry jelly. It’s my jelly of choice for the PB & J. Plus, the recipe looked super easy. And I had almost everything on hand – so no need to add my budding pantry.

So, there I was, on a Sunday afternoon with my cookie recipe and some tea, ready to start baking.

And about half-way though I ended up here.

Hmm… I know the recipe said the dough would be “firm & dry” but this… cannot be right. Naturally, my “awesome” baking skills had to make an appearance for these cookies that were supposed to be a quick whip-up.

Eventually, I figured out where I had gone wrong – and it is for this reason that I did not pursue a career related to math. Somehow in my butter calculations I had left out 1 cup. One whole freakin’ cup of butter. Just a little mistake…

I was not going to let these cookies beat me. Cookie round 2 required a trip to the grocery store to purchase the 1 egg required in the recipe. And for round 2 I made sure my butter measurement was accurate. Seriously, do not ask me how I miscalculated the butter, especially because they label the measurements on the sticks of butter. I guess I got too far ahead of myself.

Anyway, round 2 was a success, and I ended up with these delicious lovelies.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again.