I already shared this with my Twitter followers, but I am SO over this week. After a rough start to the week (can we say too much Sunday Funday) I’m ready to curl up on the couch and catch up on my Kindle and flip between episodes of Lost and FNL. Hence, my procrastination at the office today with this blog post update.

When have you been mistaken for someone else? Did chaos and/or attempted murder ensue?

When I lived in the Midwest, I was constantly able to convince people that I’m half Asian. When I met my BFFs boyfriend at-the-time (now husband) my freshman year of college I nonchalantly told a little white lie – that my mom’s Korean, making me half Asian. And he bought it and believed it until one day my mom came to visit and he realized that she’s as Caucasian as his mom. Upon this realization, he quietly shared his surprise with Katie by whispering “She’s not Asian.” Fooled. This isn’t the only time I’ve been able to twist peoples arms to believe that half of my genes are Asian. I blame my super-thin almond eyes. Which become even smaller when I smile. Which is odd because my sister has some of the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen. She’s also tall and thin. Clearly we share a limited number of the same genes.
Since moving South I still occasionally receive the “What are you?” question. Caucasian – and thanks for asking for clarification. But rather than people assuming I’m Asian, I’m now Native American (living so close to the Oklahoma border where Native American roots are not uncommon).  Granted, my skin tends to be more sun kissed year round now thanks to the fab Texas sun. And with my darker complexion and dark hair I can understand where the confusion comes from.
Alas, I’m just straight up, boring Caucasian with German ancestry. Not a trace of Asian or Native American in my blood.