Opps. Another blogging hiatus. My bad. But really, did you expect any more from me? I hope by now my few loyal readers know that it’s completely unrealistic to expect multiple blog updates in one week. As much as I wish I could or would update daily –  there are days I don’t have anything worthwhile to say. So I  choose to spare you from random ramblings.

I’ve been busy entertaining guests from out of town. I have a love / hate relationship with people visiting me in Dallas. I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing host and getting to spend time with family and friends I love dearly. Always having a companion or someone to run around town with is almost a guarantee for a good time. But I hate when the time together comes to an end and you have to say your goodbyes. And you’re left alone (God, does that sound uber depressing?). Goodbyes are the worst.

Moving on to today’s Lent!Blog! prompt:

What is your dating litmus test? Explain. Have you ever broken it for *swoon* true love?

Shoes make or break the deal. Back in college one of my BFFs was always judging guys based on their shoes. Bad shoes automatically meant game over for her. You know, the guy who ties his tennis shoes so tight that they cut off all blood flow to the rest of his body. Or who is still sporting the Dr. Martens. After spending many nights at the bar pre-judging guys based on their shoe decisions  and snickering at the losers who made poor decisions – this  eventually rubbed off on me and now shoes are one of the first things I notice on potential men.

Besides the superficial appearance litmus tests, I am also turned off by boys who can’t or don’t use proper spelling and grammar. Send me an email with spelling mistakes and I begin to rethink our relationship. That was one of the best things about most recent ex – he ALWAYS used proper spelling, grammar and punctuation — even in his text messages. Talk about making me swoon.

Ironically, this weekend I said goodbye to a boy who passes most of my litmus tests. I say most because one of the most vital tests is that we both reside in the same city. Heck, even the same state. Which, unfortunately, is not true. Instead we’re about 700 miles away from each other, making it an extreme long-distance thing. Litmus test fail.

But he did buy a new pair of shoes this weekend that I approve of. Litmus test pass.