My memory, that is. Seriously people… I’m having major memory issues. I think it boils down to the fact that my brain is on overload between work and my life outside of work. Too much to remember. The ironic thing is when I mentally tell myself to remember something… I’m more likely to forget it. For example, yesterday I was printing some things off at the end of the day. As I walked to the printer to pick up my material I passed the break room, where the refrigerator is. When I saw the fridge I made a mental note to myself to grab my leftovers from lunch on my way back to my desk. Did that happen? Nope. I didn’t remember that I wanted to bring my leftovers home until my stomach began to rumble later on in the evening when I was at home.

I have no problem remembering big things – like paying my bills on time, people’s birthdays….. Maybe this has something to do with long-term memory? Flash back to Psychology 101. None of that stuff made it into my long-term memory. Obviously.

If I don’t make to-do lists my weeks are absolute chaos. I live and breathe by to-do lists. Plus, the satisfaction of crossing off something as “done” is totally worth it. But most of the time the random mental notes to myself throughout the day don’t make it on to my to-do list. These are the little things I tend to forget as they continue to pile up as the day goes. My brain can only hold so much, and I feel like it’s reaching max capacity. Problem-o.