Despite the fact that I love having visitors in Dallas, when it all comes down to it, I’m a fairly independent person and require alone time every so often. So that’s exactly how I’m spending the first Friday in 3 consecutive weeks that I’m without guests. It’s blissful and relaxing.

I received an email from friends this afternoon saying they were planning on meeting up at a bar to watch the Mavericks game tonight (PLAYOFFS WHAT WHAT) but I knew I had to say no. It’s rare that I say no to social gatherings on a Friday night, but I knew the couch, a bottle of wine and the DVR couldn’t be passed up.

Earlier this week I was digging through some blogs I have saved in my Google Reader and discovered this cilantro jalapeño hummus recipe from Mama Pea. If your mouth starts salivating just reading that threesome combination then do not waste any time and make some ASAP. To say it’s delicious is an understatement. It’s so good it’s my dinner and I’ll most likely eat all of it.

Also, lesson of the evening is that patience really is a virtue. Especially when opening a bottle of wine. Or you may end up trying to pry (read: force) the cork out too soon, resulting in a broken cork and half of it floating in the bottle.

I had to snap a quick picture with my high-quality phone camera.

Hummus, wine, DVR and the couch are calling my name. Enjoy your Friday, whether or not you’re flying solo.