It seems like not so long ago I was complaining about spending big bucks on new tires for my automobile. Yes, it sucked. And yes, it was uber expensive and one of the deepest holes I’ve put in my pocket on a car related purchase. But in the end the tires were worth it.

The thing is… I anticipated paying for the tires. I knew the time was coming so I was able to set aside a small amount of cash each month to help buffer the total hit my credit card would take.

Although I’m an employed twenty year old with essentially no debt… it’s not like I’m rolling the dough each month when I get a paycheck. Budgeting is one of my weaknesses. And unless I’m anticipating a large purchase or know I’m going to have drop a large chunk of cash I don’t have a huge amount of dollars set aside. Besides my savings which I refuse to touch.

So when Dallas gets hit with the worst hail & tornado storms I’ve ever experienced and my poor car gets slammed with golf ball size hail… my bank account isn’t ready to handle the high deductible I’ll have to pay to make the chicken pox on my car go away and replace the cracked windshield.

Once again I’m faced with a crappy adult expense that comes with owning a car. Not my ideal way to spend money I haven’t really budgeted to spend. On a car none the less. I’ve been debating buying an iPhone for the past few weeks since my Droid is on its last breath these days. But instead I’m going to have to hold off and put the few hundred iPhone dollars towards my darn deductible. How frustrating. Damn high deductible.

But hey, as one of my friends told me the other day, at least my car isn’t broken. And even better, as Jason pointed out last night, at least I’m still alive. I guess I do have that going for me.