Hi. I’m Sara.

If you’re wondering why I chose to go with a German blog title, it’s because I used to live in Germany. It’s a major part of who I am. Not because I think German is a pretty language. Far from it, actually.

Minnesotan at heart, trying out Dallas for size. Currently dabbling in web content strategy and social media for a Fortune 500 Company. Armed with a fierce ambition to make it in today’s crazy world – be it through new experiences, making mistakes, meeting new people, creating new relationships or moving across the country.

Never thought I’d call Texas home, but I’m learning new things daily – professionally, personally and culturally. Fried pickles anyone?

Most important thing to know about me is that I love to laugh. And I do it well, and I do it often. I’m not really sure what exactly I want out of my little blog. I love food, so you may occasionally see a post related to food. I love arts & crafts, so you may occasional see an art project. And I love to travel, so pictures of popular destinations may pop up (all depending on whether or not I remember to pack my camera). And, I happen to have a Westie named Kipper. Well, technically he’s still in Minneapolis. But he’s still my #1.

For now, I think I’ll use it as a means to write about my life. 100% honesty. So, take it or leave it as that. For now.