Back from another blogging hiatus. I think we should all just acknowledge that blogging everyday just isn’t going to happen for me. Sorry, I’m a blogging challenge failure.

But, back for day 24 of the Lent!Blog! challenge.

What are you looking forward to in the near future?

24 days. 24 days until my BFF comes to visit me in Dallas.

It’s been months since we’ve last seen each other. This is a huge deal considering we lived together all 4 years of college and saw each other on an almost daily basis. But now that we live states away (she’s in Iowa with her hubby) our BK & Sar time is much more limited.

It’s been a secret up until this past weekend when her loving husband surprised her on her birthday with the trip. I don’t do well keeping secrets from her, especially one such as this. But it was totally worth it.

Counting down each and every one of those 24 days.

*Also, the picture in this post is from my 21st birthday. It appears that I can count on one hand the number of pictures of the 2 of us that we don’t look completely hammered in.


Why do you love where you live?

I love where I live because it’s my home. And to help me explain why I love home, I’ll let these 2 help me out. Love this song.

I love how my blog posts have jumped from day 11 of Lent to day 17. Oops.  Thank heavens Gina gave us participants of Lent!Blog! a blogging bye over this past weekend – makes me feel slightly less guilty. However, in my defense, my friend J was in town for the weekend so we spent the entire weekend playing and he ran the Dallas Rock’n’Roll half. I cheered from the side lines. All in all, fun weekend. But no blogging occurred. Which brings me to today… and blogging for day 17.

Name three things you want, and don’t you dare feel guilty while doing so.

1. Flight to Ames for VEISHEA

Ugh, I’m so torn between lusting over this and just sucking it up and doing it. See, the thing is, my credit card is completely paid off. It took time and self-control to get here. If I go to VEISHEA (for those of you non-Cyclones, this is basically the Madison version of Halloween for Ames. A weekend of binge drinking with college friends. Add this to my list of non-adult like behaviors.) the $400 ticket will be put on my CC. Financially irresponsible? Certainly. A crazy, fun weekend well worth it? Hands down. I want it, I want it so bad…

2. Crate & Barrel Chaise

Ohhh, Crate & Barrel Scarlet Chaise, how I covet you. I first fell in love with this beauty over the weekend. I dream about owning a chaise to put in front of the window in my bedroom. Nothing says “Come, sit awhile with your Kindle” like this to me. Perfect reading partner. If only this lavish scarlet beauty didn’t cost an arm and a leg.


I’m going to jump off the bandwagon and say instead of the iPad 2, I want the XOOM. I work with males who are uber techy and all they can talk about lately is how the XOOM trumps the iPad. I was hesitant at first – I mean come on, who doesn’t LOVE Apple products? But after seeing one and holding one, the iPad didn’t even come close in my book. If I could only muster up the large sum of moolah to purchase one…

Despite my best attempt at blogging everyday during lent, I still fail. Here’s my catch-22 attempt at catching up. I don’t promise it’ll be pretty.

Day 8: What song lyric have you been loving lately?

As I mentioned before, I’ve been loving the Adele album lately. But I’ve also fallen victim to Bieber fever. Not like a die-hard, psycho teenage girl. But that boy has some decent songs in my opinion. Specifically, Up. It’s a pretty simple song, but the lyrics that I love the most in the song are

I know its hard
But baby believe me
That we can go nowhere but up

I think the reason I love those lyrics is because they’re so simple and encouraging – you can go no where but up. Judge me, if you want. But really give it a shot. Yes, it’s boy-band pop. But who doesn’t love some of it once in awhile?

Day 9: What is one recent sign that you’re really and truly an adult?

I just bought my own car insurance policy – Texas car insurance. Almost to the point of not driving illegally in Texas. Just took about 2 years.  Also, I’m pretty proud of this so let me bask in my glory – last night I assembled an entire bed from IKEA all by myself. Single ladies unite!

Day 10: What is one recent sign you’re not so grown up, after all?

I’m eating cheerios for dinner. Mostly because I haven’t been to the grocery store in about a week and my pickings are slim. And I’m often too lazy to muster up anything much more worth while in the kitchen after work. So Cheerios are my comfortable fall back option.

Day 11:  What is one change, big or small, that you’ve had to deal with lately? Was it hard? Why or why not?

I’m trying to switch from coffee to tea in the mornings. Coffee has been making me feel bloated and weighed down lately so I’ve been reaching for tea instead when I get to the office. The caffeine in tea definitely doesn’t have the same effect as the caffeine from coffee does, but it makes me feel a little better – and I don’t feel as guilty having more than one cup. It does make the afternoons a little rough. I feel like I’m nursing off of a drug. However, now that warm and sunny days are upon us in Dallas, I’m re-discovering my love for iced coffee. So maybe it’s for the best that I go with tea in the morning so I can have my iced coffee in the afternoon. That’s something I’m not willing to give up.

That was a catch-up quickie. Sorry for the quality. It’s late and I’m a grandma who is up way past her bedtime.

I live in Texas, this one is easy.

What is one sign of the apocalypse you’ve seen lately? When you see things like this, do you laugh, cry – or both?

Friends, let me tell you that you would find it hard to believe some of the stuff I see in this large state called Texas. I live in a state where the word “secession” is one that is used almost as often as “gun” and “chicken fried steak”.

When I first heard this crazy idea of Texas leaving the United States of America to become its own Republic I thought my gullibility was being taken advantage of. Much to my dismay, this is not a joke. Groups like Texas National Movement exist on Facebook – and there’s over 2,000 lunatics that LIKE it! And I quote…

The Texas Nationalist Movement exists to secure and protect the political, cultural and economic independence of the nation of Texas and to restore and protect a constitutional Republic and the inherent rights of the people of Texas.

Let me translate that for you – Texas rules. We don’t need help from  the self-indulged government who takes all of our rights away. Moving on…

But when one of my co-workers started bringing old copies of his subscription to this

and pointing out to me which gun I should own, I knew all hope was lost. I wasn’t in the Midwest anymore.

Add in there being called a Yankee, I’m now able to laugh about these things. Who am I kidding, I’ve ALWAYS laughed.

It may not be the end of the world as we know it, but it’s definitely the end of American as you thought you knew it when you live in Texas.

When you blog, what’s off limits? Why?

These are topics you will never find discussed on this blog:

My food intake. Yeah, I know there are TONS of bloggers out there who document EVERYTHING they eat EVERY day. Umm… boring? And thanks for making me feel supreme guilt for ordering that chocolate chip cookie from Panera. I’m not going to share those details with you. I’d like to think I’m not what I eat, despite what the magnet hanging on my Grandma’s fridge tells me.

Friend / relationship drama. I save that for my mama. No, but seriously I’m not going to write about fights I have with friends or when someone does something to piss me off. For one, I don’t want to be the person who bashes someone else on my blog. Second, what if they see it? These personal matters of mine don’t need to be shared with the blogosphere. Despite the fact that I may be boiling with rage I will hold back from bitching. After all, I love my some gossip, but draw the line when it comes to sharing it on the internet.

Work. I’m hesitant to share a lot of details about what I do, who I work with or things going on at work. Partly because I often get company details before they’re made public and I don’t want fingers pointing back at me if anything gets out. But don’t worry, I will continue to bitch about how crazy work has been.

Intimate details. I’m a person who despises all PDA. Hate it. I don’t enjoy displaying that stuff in public so I sure as hell ain’t going to write about it. No mushy gushy stuff here. Go to the library and rent a Danielle Steel’s book for that stuff.

Pity parties. I hope I never use this blog as a pity party to myself. I fear I may have come close to crossing the line in the past but I really do try to steer far from complaining and bitching too much. I’m not out to get my few readers to feel bad for me – I just want to share when I’m having a rough day for a legit reason. Just like I want to share when I’m having an awesome day. But if ever gets to the point where I drag worthless matters on for too long, please, someone slap me.

It’s lunch time, so food is on my mind.

Name at least one good thing you’ve heard, seen, or done lately. Seriously, this isn’t a trick question. Anything that doesn’t have a downside. Go.

This past weekend I had a friend from Austin come stay with me. She was in Dallas for the annual St Paddy’s parade (which is basically a full day of boozing) that took place Saturday morning. So by Sunday, we were spent. Our feet were punishing us for their re-introduction to flip-flops, which lasted 8 grueling hours and many miles of walking. We decided that it would probably be in our best interest not to do anything productive on Sunday. So we didn’t. We did, however, make amazing french toast and omelette’s that ended up as an egg casserole. We stuffed our faces and sprawled across the couch and didn’t switch the channel away from the Sister Wives marathon on TLC. Around dinner time, we began to debate what our next meal would be.

Despite the fact that we had gorged on pizza in a drunken stupor the previous night we both agreed nothing else would satisfy. So we ordered a pizza. And garlic parmesan bread sticks. And we ate it all. And I felt a little remorse. I try to limit the amount of carbs I eat in a week – and when I do eat them, I try to make them whole grain.

But it felt so GOOD to let loose and eat those carbs. And to not even think twice that I was missing my weekly Sunday yoga class to devour many slices of greasy pizza.

The guilt is hitting me a few days later and I’m trying to get back on the “healthy” eating wagon. But man, that pizza was worth it. It may make me sound like a fatty and it did cause some serious dejavu to freshman year of college. But sometimes you just need a totally worthless day and to lose track of all the crap you’re putting into your body. All in all, my Sunday was good. And so was the pizza.

Okay, it may be day 4 of lent, but it’s my first post in the Lent!Blog! event hosted by my blogging friend Gina. So, let’s get this thing started.

What was your big childhood dream? Are you still pursuing it? If yes, how? If no, how did you reconcile that within yourself?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wanted to work for Disney when I was younger. I was the nerd who rented drawing books from the library and would stay couped up inside during the summer drawing animals and other random things. I LOVED to draw. I remember whenever we had a babysitter (my 2 sisters and I) my only request was to sit at the kitchen table and draw. My sisters hated me for it because they tended to lean towards board games.

I tried to stay semi on the “drawing” path by taking a few art classes in high school – expanding my budding artist capabilities with ceramics and photography. I began to realize that as long as I was using the right side of my brain, allowing the creative juices to flow, I was happy.

Although I’m not working for Disney, and my journey down graphic designer road took a choppy detour my freshman year of college (ironically, I switched my major with the sole purpose of avoiding the drawing class that was required to get into the graphic design program ), I’m lucky enough to have found a job that still allows me – requires me – to be creative  in different ways.

I’ve developed a new fondness for words and the different emotions you can evoke by simply choosing the right ones at the right time. Writing is just a different form of art, one I didn’t quite understand when I was little.

Fortunately, I think that opportunities for careers in writing are growing exponentially. I guess I could still end up at Disney – just doing something a little different.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all religious on you. But I will say that my friend Gina has this fab idea to blog everyday during lent. As you probably can see, I’ve been slacking on the blogging front lately. Honestly I haven’t had much interesting to say. Believe me when I say you don’t want a daily run down of my life. That would bore us all.

Instead, I’ll rely on Gina to create some fun prompts. Pressure’s on, Gina.

If you’re interested in partaking, let Gina know. I’m sure she’d be more than thrilled to see Lent!Blog! spread.

And because old habits die hard… I’ll be moving forward with prompts instead of rushing back to answer the first 3 prompts. In my defense, I legit didn’t see Gina’s call-to-blogging action until last night. So day 4 of Lent… bring it!

What is the “fashion” world coming to? I stumbled upon a Facebook picture a friend posted – her nails done like so. (No, this is not her actual picture. It’s via Google Images.)

I hate to judge, but I don’t think something like this is ever okay or even cute for that matter. This “trend” has to be a joke, right? Unless I’m just very disconnected from my inner Rihanna…